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10 Things You Never Knew About London

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All of us already know about London. There is a famous sight to visit which is like Buckingham Palace. World top museums which are the national gallery and British museum.Cuisine from A to Z which is from the globe. There is all was well but old as big somewhere in the capital of British which is going hidden to all like a trick to people is the sleeve.

10 Things You Never Knew About London

Here is our bucket list of 10 things you never knew about the British empire of London to see a light of the new city.

1.Fake Views

London Fake Views

All of us know that London officials are the residence of 10 dowing street of the British Prime Minister. All of us know that there is a glimpse to going thanks that folk holding uniformed large weapons. Which is stand between the door of famous. But there is another Plan for all it’s selfie important and it was walk away only from 5 minute which is Adam street 10 to stand and it was a replica of the real thing. So why you wait to take a picture from it and tell your friend that you are received VIP treatment on your visit to London.

2. There’s a live cam of the Abbey Road crossing

One of the London most attractive is zebra crossing line in St John’s Wood which is in Abbey Road, Which is cover to the album of Beatles shot on the same of their names. Tourist Shot this and you also see traffic stopping to vaguely mesmerizing spectacle to its real-time in There’s a live cam of the

3.The bears and The birds

The bears and The birds

If you want to live London in the 1250s, you were alarmed and you will be surprised to see a swimming polar bear Thames of hits hunting. It was one of the exotic several animals of Henry III which is kept London tower and allow it to play. For some reason it was less lethal and equally to incongruous, You also check present day pelicans to the St Jame’s Park, There were gifted birds descendants to the ambassador of Russia back in 1664.

4. Big Ben is not Big Ben

Big Ben is to say big ben which is the name of the largest bell to the clock tower. The Name of the clock tower was not its name to itself by a clock tower. Its the name of Elizabeth Tower. Don’t worry about it if you forget it. Most of the Londoners are already unaware of this fact too and there is all of this cab driver ar taxi driver was still know about where you want to go to London by Clock tower.

5.If you really can’t wait

Some of London market side of its pube love the porter market which is in the edge of Borough Market which is licensed to serve alcohol from a morning at 7 am in cater of a worker from night shift who are finishing up their duty at the time. There are many of London capital pubs to start serving alcohol from 11 am, so we generally speak that there is not a single palace in the city of London where you have not a difficulty to locate alcohol if you are alcoholic.

6. We could be heroes

Queen Victoria Statue London

Like all cities of London, London tips it’s to most important figures of the historical statue which is you like but there is also a most of the room are folk of humble in London.The Park of Postman’s which contains self-sacrifice heroic of a memorial. That’s was made up for ordinary commemorating plaques to Londoners to show valour of extraordinary, which looks like Alice Ayres. Who save the life of three children from union street in a burning house at 1885 with the cost of his own to the life of a young. So you Bring a tissue for this.

7. The London Underground mostly isn’t

London Underground

Most of London underground was not underground it was above of ground. Because 60% of London tries to think about this was underground so it was not.

8. It’s really not that rainy, honest

It’s really not that rainy, honest

All of us already know that London is always rainy. All year London People wielding umbrellas because there is always a chance to shower of pesky. So it was not Quite. It was obviously any time rains in England and after all, it was just of little cloudy none of us know about when it was falls in precipitation which is you don’t think about it. London is actually known as one of the first city of London and it received annual less of its rainfall which is only 25 inches while the new york is only 50 inches, Rome is 35inches and Sydney is only 40 inches.

9. London is the largest urban forest in the world

London Urban Forest

Offcourse, You read it correctly because there are more than 8.2 million trees which are about on tree of each Londoners to UK capital as a forest to classified of literally. London was a green fact about 47% green to woods parks and gardeners are taken account into that is 2019 it was also declared a world by National Park City. and look apart lovely to trees. The trees that adorned streets and parks to most important to the environment of local which is removing pollution of more than 22000 tonnes from air to each year and increase or increase every year.

10. The Vikings occupied London

Vikings occupied London

Repeatedly Viking raiders attacked London in late of 850s to early of the 1100s and there were two occasions when local defenders are becoming to force of occupying once in 872 and second in 1014. At the end of 1016, the whole country was fell under the king Cnut empire. Who though a king of a warrior from Denmark.which is not of Viking technically when Vikings did answer to them which is now complicated.

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