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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
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The kingdom of Cambodia was located in southeast Asia. This country has a mild climate, that has depends on monsoon, to the average of the annual temperature of 22° C. In the rainy season start from the end of August to Mid October. There is a trip to Cambodia that will be interesting to lovers of exotic beaches, ancient temples, and beautiful natures. This is a friendly people of Cambodia, that is warmly happy to welcome the tourists. Due to civil wars here, Cambodia has recently become a popular tourist country. So the local’s people have a positive attitude towards foreigners. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. Here a tourist can also visit several historical attractions in which, Royal Palace, Wat Phnom Monastery, Temple of The Emerald Buddha, Silver Pagoda as well as several museums. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Cambodia.

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

In Cambodia

Beach lovers definitely go to Sihanoukville. Here you can also find a beach of every taste from rugged beaches with cafes and souvenirs to quit deserted wild sands. Lover of outdoor activities will be never bored in Cambodia. The resort here offers extreme outdoor water and land. You can fly there on a paraglider, also dive into a depth of the sea with a scuba gears and feel the speed on motorways. Local cuisine combines both of exotic ones and familiar products. Their main products here are Rice, fish, vegetables, and meat. You also find varieties of soup into the menu. of exotic foods are Spider, Snakes, and frogs.

10. Phnom Kulen

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
The Phnom Kulen national park is famous for its picturesque waterfalls and tropical landscapes. Usually, there are 2 waterfalls that are shown here to everyone but locals here claim that is actually 3 of them. The first was quite small which is one three meters high, The second was only 20 meters high that can be reached by a mountain trail leading down and also the third was 80 to 90 meters lurks in its impenetrable.

9. Royal Palace of Cambodia

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
In Phnom Penh, The tourist will easily find this palace, as it is only the tallest building in this historic district. It was built in 1868 for the royal family that is still located in this palace. So not all halls are accessible to the tourist But it was a mystery that attracts so many tourists to this place. Nevertheless, there is something admire the throne Hall, Historical frescoes. Where a 60-meter tower of the silver Pagoda, The Royal treasury and several other Luxurious Royal values that are also located in it.

8. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
This most terrifying place told the sad page of Cambodian History from 1976 to 1980. The Khmer Rouge regime was also in effect, The purpose of this was an equation for all citizens. The museum is located in this building of S-21 prison. Where Khmer was executed that contains the photographs of this painful torture. During the regime about 18 thousand Cambodians. Who did not belongs to the working peasant class that was destroyed.

7. Wat Phnom Temple

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
This temple was located in Phnom Penh and it is scared to the local’s people, several come here to pray and after pray there you can also meet with “Fortune tellers”. The name of its translates as “Temple Mount”, that is located on a hill of 30 meters high. The peculiarity of this place was the presence of animals and the tourist can also feed the monkeys here, which amuse the guests everywhere, as well as observe exotic birds and even take a ride of an elephant.

6. Preah Vihear

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
This complex temple was located on the border of Thailand. And for a long time, it was the subject of disputes between these two countries until in 2008 it is inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. This temple began to built-in 894 I the honor of God Shiva. On this territory, there is a 79 meters staircase leading to the beginning of the main complex and this entire temple was located on four tiers as the hill rises. Stone statues and Majestic palaces can be seen in this temple complex.

5. Sihanoukville

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
Beach lovers should go to Sihanoukville, Where it is one of the most popular resorts in Cambodia. It is here that various hotels are located on the banks of a river that includes a five-star one. This resort continues to developed today, there are several restaurants and bars which is almost any cuisine in the whole world. You can also find here Russian cuisine. There is also a Koh Poah beach that is owned by the Russian investors. Lovers of wild beaches should head to the nearby uninhabited islands.

4. Tonle Sap

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

Tonle Sap is both a river and a lake at the same time. In a certain place, the river becomes so wide that is standing water in it forms a lake. It is one of the main natural tourist attractions places of Cambodia and also one of the largest lakes in the country. It is here that is provides the opportunity to observe the life of local residents. Those houseboats are located directly into the water. There is twice a year this river changed its direction and if you get onto this river during this period You can successfully fish as fish will be on its surface.

3. Silver Pagoda

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
The name of this place is due to the fact of floors are laid out with solid silver bars. It was built in 1893 under King Norodom. In the center of Pagoda, it is emerald Buddha, opposite that are several other Buddhas. The attention here is drawn to 95-pound buddha adorned with brilliant crystals, which was cast in 1908 by the order of Norodom. An atmosphere of wealth and greatness region in this beautiful place.

2. Ta Prohm

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
It is one of the temples that is also included in the Angkor complex. Here is the forces of nature and majestic buildings that have enveloped to this place are intertwined. The Terraces and towers of ta Prohm pierced creepers and changed its original appearance of the temple. This temple was build in 1184 in the honor of Mother of Improper Jayavarman VII, on this territory there are 265 statues, 40 towers of Hindu gods. For visitors, this place was interesting because here are the scenes of Movie “Lara Croft Tomb Raider ” that were shot.

1. Angkor Wat

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

This temple complex was built in the 12th century, It is also included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Architecture represents the Angkor wat and Khmer Empire is also a national pride of Khmer people. This temple was built in the honor of God Vishnu. This place was very interesting because this complex is surrounded on all sides by a moat filled water and every tourist can get into this temple from only two sides. The whole area of this temple is 2.7 km². It is also one of the largest temples in the world, So tourist should visit this place easily. Therefore Angkor wat temple is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Cambodia.

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