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Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Ireland

tourist attractions in ireland
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This small country was located in Nothern Europe thats is received more than 7.2 million tourists every year. Thats is almot 1.4 times the total population of Ireland itself. It was maybe a very small island but Ireland was packed full of extraordinary Tourist attractions. The main thing to do in Ireland was every guest should go to a pub in the evening. The Irish people are well known as a pretty drinking nation. So that it cannot imagine that a holiday is spent without a glass of local beer. In the Irish evening, almost the entirety of its adult population will go to pubs and these companies are very very funny and noisy the atmosphere here is relaxed. In addition to these, there are Irish solo dances that deserve special attention. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Ireland.

tourist attractions in ireland

10. Kinsale


Kinsale is known as one of the smallest cities in Ireland. Which is become one of the first cities of Ireland where the government runs programs to address the problems of energy and environmental. Kinsale is also famous for its several unique architectures, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and the annual festival of Gourmet.

9. Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry

One of the most popular tourist destination route thats runs through you to the country of Kerry. Which is along with the average of Peninsula. The length of this whole route is 170 Km (106 Miles), where waterfalls, several castles, a monastery, beautiful villages, a medieval church, and alot of much more waiting for tourist destinations along the way. You can drive this beautiful Ring of Kerry by bus, car, bicycle and also by the pedestrian roads.

8. Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle

This castle has survived till today which is already one of the third fortifications which are built in the corner of county cork. The massive walls of this castle were survived several attacks up till now and reliably protected for its inhabitants. Blarney Castle was famous for its eloquence stone. which is give more talent to everyone who visits this Blarney castle.

7. Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle

Another pearl of Ireland, best known as the pride of the country and well-preserved castles of the 11th century. This castle is best known for its glorious history, as well as a regular park, well preserved interior and broken around on its castle. Kilkenny Castle is worth taking a walk to see the beautiful flower of beds with strict lines and the best of its old fountain.

6. Shop-street in Galway

Shop street in Galway

While you come to Ireland not only to visit the trips to medieval castles and pubs Here you can also walk the shopping street and but some amazing unusual things about the local designers. The shop street in the county of Galway, to the west of the country from the most famous shops, where you can find literally anything.

5. Trinity College

Trinity College

One of the oldest prestigious higher educations institutions not only in Ireland but in the whole world. Trinity College was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1952. Many years of its existence there are several famous personalities become graduates, in particular, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Jonathan Swift, and harry potter. By the way, Trinity College is one of Europe’s first college that will start accepting the study of women.

4. St Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patricks Cathedral Ireland

Ireland’s largest cathedral, which dedicated the country to the most revered saint. The people of Ireland believed that it was a St. Patrick who feeds Ireland from the snakes, which is the shape of the national consciousness of the country’s population. This cathedral is Anglican, very austere, and beautiful. Once upon a time the dean of this cathedral was the most famous writer Jonathan Swift.

3. Newgrange


Newgrange is one of the ancient sights of the country, best known as the national treasure of Ireland. It is a megalithic religious building whose built-in the 3100BC. There is a corridor tomb with a burial chamber, barrows, drawing on stones, and spiral patterns. Newgrange is best compared to Stonehenge.

2. Glendalough Valley

Glendalough Valley

Incredibly picturesque valley. Which has appeared to thanks the glaciers of the eastern part of Ireland. Glendalough is best known for its monastery which is built in the 17th century. Todays this object is recognized as one of the top attractions of the country and attract Million of tourist. There are also pristine lakes in this valley green hills, unusual round towers, and many small hotels for the tourist.

1. Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

A visit to these cliffs is known as one of the most popular Irish tourist destination. Every year more than two million people visit this corner of the country. The cliff of Moher is an extraordinary view of the Atlantic ocean and Aran islands. Which shows you in several films and videos. Nowadays this cliff is an environmentally friendly center of the tourist.

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