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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw
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Over the eight centuries of its existence. Warsaw has experienced several conquests and destruction. The entire historic center of this city was razed during the world war. For decades, photographs, old engravings, restorers painstakingly studied documents and literally brick by brick restored the capital of Poland from ruins. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Warsaw.

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

As a brilliant example of restoration, churches, castles and historical center with a square that was also included in the UNESCO heritage list. Nowadays the tourist walking along the old market square and contemplating a powerful royal castle can hardly guess it these attractions are only a few decades old.

10. Fryderyk Chopin Museum

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Frederic Chopin is well known as a polish composer, whose career is connected with warsaw. This museum exposition was consists of items that are belonging to this musician. In addition to letters, personal items, musical scores behind which the master worked and you can also see the Frederic Chopin piano here. In addition to this traditional exhibition, there is a multimedia exhibition where you can learn about the complete details biography of Chopin.

9. Warsaw Barbican

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Warsaw Barbican is a powerful 16th-century fortification in the fortification system of the old city. That was erected by the project of Italian master D. Batista. This building was not performing any defensive functions. At the base of the barbican tower, it was a monument of Siren. According to the legend in ancient times siren has emerged from the river to informed people that soon a great city would appear on banks. Nowadays this fort was an exhibition gallery.

8. Copernicus Science Centre

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Copernicus who lived here from 1472 to 1542, is known as one of the most famous mathematicians and scientists to come out from Poland. This interactive science museum, where visitors are invited to experiment independently. It was one of the most advanced museums of this type in the whole of Europe. The inner space is divided into several thematic zones, telling about the whole layers of human knowledge. The first permanent exhibition was held here in 2010 and after 1.6 years there are more than 3 million people are visited in this museum.

7. Polish Army Museum

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

This museum was dedicated to the Polish armed forces. The exposition covers the period from the emergence of the Polish state to the present. The open-air exhibition was presents samples of weapons from other countries tanks, armed vehicles, artillery and fighters. Inside the museums, there are collections of medieval armor, banners, and weapons. This museum house was a cocked hat and saddle of Napoleon Bonaparte.

6. Palace of Culture and Science

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

This is a multi-functional building which is houses everything from entertainment venues to companies. The high rise building was almost an exact copy of Stalinist skyscrapers in a Moscow. It was erected by the Russian architect L. Rudnev by order of Stalin IV, Who is wanted thus make to a gift of polish people. This building cinema, houses, a large conference room, offices, exhibition galleries, and museums. The spire of this building dominates all buildings in warsaw and serves as a guide of all tourists, who don’t know about the city.

5. Wilanow Palace

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Wilanow Palace is a 10km away from the Polish capital. It was erected by the 17th century of king Jan Sobieski and his wife Maria Casinira Louise. At the request of Queen during the construction of creators focused on the French schools known as the baroque style prevails. At the beginning of the century, there are one of the first art museums in Poland which are opened on the territory. During the Nazi occupation lot of museum collection was looted but than it will be returned back to Poland.

4. Warsaw Uprising Monument

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

It was a monument that commemorates by the fallen polish patriots during the warsaw uprising of 1944. It was officially opened in 1988 on the very spot, where freedom fighters were hiding from the German invaders. The composition depicts two groups of rebels. Who seems to be rise from the ruins and courageously that rush into a battle. This monument is one of the most visited and interesting monuments in warsaw.

3. Royal Castle

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Royal Castle was a cultural and architectural monument in the center of Warsaw, which is erected by the 16th to 17th century by Lithuanian Prince Sigismund. During the northern war, this castle was sacked by the Swedes and gradually dilapidated. It is noteworthy that in 1839 by the Russian emperor Nicholas II was married to the Polish kingdom (at this time the commonwealth was a part of the Russian empire). This modern type of royal castle was a copy of the building that is blown up by the Nazis in world war II.

2. Lazienki Palace

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

It is another former residence of the Elector Augustus II the strong. This picturesque and majestic building was also known as “the palace by the water”. Since its foundation was directly installed on the surface of the river. The whole palace complex was consists of the main building, a bathhouse, a white house with pavilions and galleries. Inside to main building, there was an art gallery. Where more than 3 thousand paintings are exhibited.
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1. Warsaw Old Town

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

It is a historic city center. In XIII century, The first stone of the future polish capital was laid here, Life has been boiling for the centuries around the old town merchants gathered at fairs, the stray artist staged street performances, crowds of onlookers were about to gaze at the bonfires. Where witches and sorcerers were burned, of the historical buildings almost nothing has survived here only the cellars and basement floors but this old town did not lose his charm. Therefore this old town is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Warsaw.

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