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Best Time To Visit London

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Choosing the best time to visit the London depends on the region. Albion deservedly considered the most unstable in relation to weather conditions in Europe a place where the notorious unpredictability of the local weather has intensified in recent years. Therefore, when traveling here should have more trust in the testimony of weather stickers than the long-term statistics.

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Traditionally, the best period is from June to September, although in recent years this pattern has become highly conditional. However, it should be borne in mind that July and August – the most “visited” months, for which the London is coming more than 1.5 million tourists from the mainland. Therefore, the prices significantly increased during this period, load transportation arteries – the same as in many popular destinations and attractions can be reached by appointment only.Therefore, if possible, it is better not to plan a visit at this time.

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The best time to visit London – spring (May) and early autumn (September). In addition, since the beginning of May until the end of June in the city observed a peak of cultural activities – are organized various annual events, art exhibitions, theatrical performances and a variety of sports, as well as present the royal court. In the last days of summer are all kinds of fairs, parades, contests and so on, so should already be guided on this factor. However, on the last Monday of the summer, when the country celebrates the “August output” are also worth planning some quiet rest, as most schools closed parks packed with strollers, restaurants, and pubs are clogged, and many citizens go to the province of entire families. But in the early autumn, just beautiful city and even the traditional little rain spoil its image.

London beauty

Best time to visit Scotland – from April to May and from September to early October (later many attractions are closed). In the summer the weather is warmer than in these months but is often more unpredictable. It is believed that the rain here is an average of 200 days a year, so to recommend any time is simply impossible. It is worth thinking about visiting Edinburgh in August when it passes the famous festival and all the hotels are busy, and in September, when to admire the flowering heather and autumn colors of the forest come here half the country.

Wales is best visited from late May to mid-September. Northern Ireland is also unpredictable in its weather, as well as Scotland and the journey here from the point of view of whether – pure lottery and the best choice will be all the same summer.

The least suitable months to visit the London – from November to February. However, cross-country skiing fans will find at this time what to do – in the north open 5 ski centers. March and October already warm, but still very dark, especially in coastal areas.

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