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Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Poland

Main Market Square
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Poland as proud of centuries survived to conflict is emerging to the country of independent. Poland is ready all the time to a new role of assuming the history of modern. Discovering and visit Poland are know about local to very long. The country of Poland is rich to his landscapes, Beautiful fine culture and also has historical sites which are extraordinary. When you exploring the Poland lakes, countryside picturesque, vibrant cities of nation’s, forests and some of the world most visited tourist attraction places in Poland. After a visit to Poland, the travel is very happy to lot off Poland memories. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Poland.

10. Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle

People who are lived around the site of the Wawel Castle to the age of Paleolithic. In the 14th century, this castle was built for the first time. When Polish monarch Casimir III then this castle was a command. Polish Crown Jewels were only people which is preserved to the home of Gothic Castle. Floral Patterns and symbols decorated to the small shield of the blade and which is the reason for the sword to giving a nickname of Jagged Sword.

9. Auschwitz-Birkenau



You scarcely describe the words after your powerful experience to visit in Auschwitz-Birkenau. It was devoted to the memory of world war II murders in camps. Auschwitz-Birkenau has visited every year around more than 22 million people from all over the world. The entrance of Oswiecim museum was a most memorial of the world war II martyrs.

8. Masurian Lakeland

Masurian Lakeland

Masurian Lakeland is one of the top Europe tourist destinations in the lake district. Masurian Lakeland is located in the border of Lithuania to the lower Vistula river which is more than 2100 lakes connected to the hugr amount of rivers and canals. Campsites, Hotels, and guesthouses are very plentiful to the lakes around villages. That can provide traveler and visitor to see the scenic area by tour using boat and bicycle.

7. Slowinski Sand Dunes

Slowinski Sand Dunes

Slowinski Sand Dunes are situated on the northern side of Poland. Slowinski Sand Dunes are also a part of the National park of Slowinski which is located in the Baltic Sea coast. The name of these park is because of Slovincians are lived there only one time. In Kluki town there is also an open-air museum which shows their culture to the features artifacts. The dunes of there were formed due to waves and wind which cary the onshore sand and reach up to more than 40 to 50 meters. Every year when the season is changing then their dunes are moving due to the wind. Therefore it was also known as moving of dunes.

6. Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle was founded in 1776 by the Teutonic Knight who used these castle to the headquarters of there army because of these castle they defeat polish enemies and also of their northern Baltic territories. This castle was extended many times to host the numbers of growing knight until pulling back there to Königsburg in 1470. Nowadays in Malbork city, one of the top tourist attraction is Malbork Castle.

5. Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine was located in the city of Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine is supposed to be one of the oldest salt companies in the whole world after Khewra Salt Mine. The salt company has been mined salt there from the since the 12th century. The site of these salt company was known as the underground city and all of the city was grind out the rock salt, Which is also including a chapel are said to be one of the beast acoustics structure in Europe. Hundreds of sculptures are carved there from the salt and top up day by day these sculptures from a contemporary artist.

4. Bialowieza Forest

Bialowieza Forest

Bialowieza Forest is one of the Europe largest primeval forests which is covered more than one of the whole of Europe. Bialowieza Forest is also straddled with the border of Republic of Belarus and Poland and there is tourist easily cross the border by bicycles and by foot. Bialowieza Forest was also famous for wisent because it was the home of more than 1000 wisent, which is protected here as the species of European Bison. The whole wisent is kept here in the fenced areas, while the tourist or guide of tours are also there.

3. Gdansk Old Town

Gdansk Old Town

The town is located on the Baltic coast, Which is in the city of Gdansk history. It was the occupation of 13th century Teutonic Knight in castle contrasted strongly which is in an existing town which is known as old town or Altstadt. Later on 14 Century the king of Poland Casimir IV is ordered to built structures to the Teutonic Knight destroy. The old town of Gdansk area also includes several 16th or 17th-century mills, structures, Churches and also include granaries.

2.Warsaw Old Town Market Place

Warsaw Old Market Place


This market was founded in the 12th century, Warsaw was also famous for this city central marketplace. Which are the heart of polish people and their culture in the past six centuries? The Original old town market was destroyed during World War II. After World war II end the old town market was again reconstructed carefully. In the center of the market, there is a bronze sculpture of the Warsaw mermaid. This mermaid was a symbol of Poland’s Capitals.

1. Main Market Square

Main Market Square


Dating back to the 12th century, the Main Market Square is in the Old Town of Krakow which is one of the largest medieval town in the whole Europe and also one of the popular tourist destination in Poland. The whole square is surrounded by the Historic building, churches, historic town of houses and palaces. The center of these square was dominated with the cloth hall, which is rebuilt in 1550 in the architecture of Renaissance style.

We hope you like these Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Poland. While you visit Poland this information was helping alot to your Poland visiting time.

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