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Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria
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Bulgaria is a European country that is rich in his cultural heritage, sandy beaches, picturesque mountain peaks, and warm sea. Their climate makes it pleasant to relax here almost any time of the whole year. Also, their sandy beaches are not most attractive in winter and the ski resort are be able to give a good rest of both lovers of active pastime and lovers of natural beauty. There are more and more often among our compatriots. Bulgaria is associated with inexpensive but high-quality vacation. Here is an overview of the Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria.

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

There are several small private wineries in Bulgaria. Today there is even such a thing as wine tourism. Depending on this region you would have to choose to try one or another sort of wine. For example, on this coast, there are good conditions for the growth of white grapes and in the south of Bulgaria, the Mavrud variety survives better. The developed infrastructure high level of services, that’s is the presence of a huge number of architectural monuments. which attracts millions of tourists to this country. Most of the vacationers are want to combine their business with its pleasure of boat trips and swimming in the sea while a visit to these interesting places. Bulgaria is also in this regard with simply ideal options.

15. Tsarevets Fortress

Tsarevets Fortress

It was no wonder that this fortress was a residence of Bulgarian kings. The whole architectural ensemble of the building is literally was a “screams” about wealth and greatness. In addition to this palace is literally covered with several legends and fairy tales. It must be you can see in your own eyes. There are no Photographs that are able to convey this monumentality and globality of this architecture of monuments.

14. Shiroka Laka

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

This is a beautiful town of two-story houses with wooden stairs and bay windows paved streets and elegant bridges with wooden railings. All of this resembles the scenery of an old film. This is sensitive to begin their folklore and customs. This village was located in the territory of the architectural reserve. Here is also an ethnographic museum and several other places that are related to the Bulgarian renaissance.

13. Perperikon

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

Most precisely this archaeological complex of middle ages. They can be characterized in one word of “monumentality”. According to the legends that is a tomb where Orpheus was located. There is also a temple here that is dedicated to gold Dionysius. This is an ancient city. That still keeps several secrets which are prying eyes.

12. Melnik Museum

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

In this city of Bulgaria that has everything that can boast of the sea, homemade wine, beaches, museums, temples, and countless architectural monuments. Several famous writers, artists and cultural figures of the renaissance of Bulgaria and worked in the Melnik.

11. Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

There are millions of roses in this valley. Every woman dreams to receive a gift of roses and then at least to see such flower of the sea at once in their life. If you ever visit this valley near to Tundzha river. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable sight and exquisite the aroma of millions of flowers that will turn your head. Here is a place that is you definitely want to come back here again and again in your life.

10. Boyana Church

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

It was not in the vain that this church was added to the UNESCO world heritage list. On its wall, there is a unique medieval painting which is dating back from the 12th century that is preserved. Images for these saints are too striking in their elaboration and realism of details. The historical and artistic value of these walls painting is to be difficult of overestimating.

9. Vitosha Mountain

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

This hillside covered by a coniferous forest with an ideal place for the hiking in the autumn, summer, and spring. in the advent of winter, Vitosha will hide in the snow and becomes a pilgrimage place for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. Ski resorts affordable prices and good services that attract a rather large number of tourists here.

8. Church of Saint George, Sofia

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

It is an early Christian church that has a very unusual story from the 15th to 19th centuries. During the time of Turkish rule, it is converted into a mosque and only at the end of the 19th century, this church has again become a Christian church. It is even possible to restore to the frescoes on these walls and dome of the building. Nowadays there is a divine service is held as well as the museum.

7. Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

Funeral decorations and several burial details that have not reached our days. But these frescoes are amazing in their beauty that is preserved. This tomb value is simply huge because of this date goes back to the 5th century BC. This tomb was also listed by the UNESCO world heritage site. So the exact copy of this was created for the tourists.

6. Sozopol

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

In addition to these beauties of nature, this old town of Sozopol pleases the eye with an ancient temple and polynomial architectural monuments. The historic center of Sozopol has declared the architectural reserve. The modern part of the city in the fracture is well developed. There are several cafes, restaurants and hotels are in this small town.

5. Rozhen Monastery

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

This Monastery was located at the foot of the Pirin mountains. Frescoes, ancient iconostases, Stained Glass window and the miraculous icon of this virgin mary that has survived till today, and it’s pleasing to the eye, to both believers and just for tourists. This architectural design of this monastery lacks pretentiousness and the pomp. This entire monastery complex is mesmerized by the simple lines and the elegance of architectural composition.

4. Seven Rila Lakes

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

These lakes are located in the northwestern part of the same name of a mountain range. You can get to them on the lift. The walking tour will take you too much longer. When you reach the endpoint of your journey. There is a picture unforgettable beauty that will be open before you these glacial lakes with the crystal clear water against the background of the peak of this mountain which is directed towards the sky.

3. Belogradchik Rocks

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

There are both nature and people are worked on this land area. The first defensive fortification was begun here to built in the back days of the Roman empire. Nature here was created to be perhaps the most unusual mountain range. These whole bizarre shaped cliffs are eventually got their own names and grew into a legend.

2. Old Nessebar

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

This city has something to surprise both experienced travelers and beginners. There are several architectural monuments are here to date back the period of prosperity of the Byzantine Empire. There is a list of most famous and visited places of old Nessebar archaeological museum, St. Stephen’s Church and Ethnographic Museum, That’s is a good geographical location that is attracting the crowds of the tourists.

1. Rila Monastery

Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

It is very difficult to convey in the words the grandeur and beauty of this monastery complex. Carved iconostases mural paintings by the famous artists at the time unique architecture and ancient icons that make this monastery a jewel of world architecture. This man’s monastery operates it today that occupying a territory of the total area of about 8900 sq. Therefore Rila Monastery is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria.

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