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Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Jordan

Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Jordan
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People are inhabited in this territory for the present day. Jordan has several thousand years ago monuments on all of its main historical periods thats is survied till todays. Jordan is surrounded by four countries of Iraq, Syria, Israel and Saudia Arabia. In Jordan expanses, tourists can see both of cave paintings and ancient cities of Arabs, Greeks, and Romans. The Fortresses and castles of Jordan of the times are Crusades was perfectly preserved. The real attraction of Jordan was its desert.

There are several monuments thats are located on all of its spaces thats will allow tourist to inspect it culture artifacts. There are many places of these places thats are in this kingdom and it was associated with Christian religious culture, which is mentioned in biblical tales. Thats are attracted by many of its pilgrims. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Jordan.

Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Jordan

10. Al-Khazneh

Al Khazneh

One of the most impressive buildings in the city of petra. The mausoleum is completely carved into the rock. It was perfectly preserved although the facade has one of the greatest artistic values and expressiveness. Here Spielberg is made one of the greatest movies about Indiana Jones.

9. Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve

This Nature reserve was located on the slopes of the mountains. It will include most of the geographical zones, with each of the corresponding vegetation. This territory includes huge floral and fauna thats are extremely diverse. In spring it was a great place of hiking and mountain biking is also available here for visitors. There are several trails in this nature reverse, It was better to go for best guides. The accommodation options are also available here in this reverse and diverse for guest houses, hotels, and camping.

8. Aqaba


The only resort and seaport of Jordan. That is located on the coast of the Red Sea, This coastline is almost 45km Long. These clean sandy beaches and the wealth of this underwater would make Aqaba a popular attractive diving center and resort. Developed for tourist infrastructure there are many cafes, hotels, and restaurants of different prices of categories.

7. Al-Karak

Al Karak

The legendry of defensive building is an altitude of about 1100 meters. There are multi-story which is inside a real maze. It was a historical value in addition to these there is an archaeological museum that is opened on this territory. After being ransacked there is also a castle that is left to ruins nearly 600 years. Around the fortress of the city, the same name grew for attracting tourists.

6. Amman


Amman is the capital of Jordan and one of the largest cities in Jordan. It was also centers of trade and culture hub of Jordan. This city has a long history and several of its monuments. There are some of its walls are archaeological museums. That is located in the close proximity of dead Mediterranean and dead seas. It was a great economic importance for the country and also the center of the Jordan industry.

5. Desert Castles

Desert Castles

In the eastern of Jordan desert, just east of Amman, There are collections of castles that can be easily explored. There are more than 35 well-preserved buildings for various purposes in this desert. Baths, Caravanserais, hunting lodges of the nobility for each of this palace are fulfilled its purpose and had a corresponding architecture. In this palace, the bathhouse of former are murals to unique the Muslims culture thats are partially restored.

4. Dead Sea

Dead Sea

This sea is one of the lowest points on the earth of 435meters (1427) below the sea level and this sea salinity level are incredibly high. Huge saltwater, lakes and slit deposits create a healing effect. On of the Jordanian coast, thats are several resorts. These sea waters are used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. One of the most popular vacation spots for tourists and local peoples.

3. Jerash


Pompeii of the East is well preserved by remnants of this ancient city. All of these architectural buildings are date back to the time of the great Roman Empire. There are archaeological museums that are almost day a theatrical performance takes place which is based on Roman Military plots throughout July this city has also organized an art festival. These landmarks of Jordan are the second most important after the petra.

2. Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

This wadi desert is grand in the expressiveness and area of landscapes. The landscapes are uneven, there are also Reddish sand, dips, rocks, crevices, and mountains that created a bizarre landscape that is repeatedly used by cinema. The Filmed by “Martin” was also shot there. This place was also famous for his preserved rock paintings of ancient people. today Bedouins are lived in this desert.

1. Petra


This unique ancient building is in the city of rocks. Ancient Petra was the capitals of this richest kingdom, that collecting to tribute from caravans that are carried out spices. Gradually that it went bankrupt when it will trade to routes of Maritimes. There is a sample of unique architecture that is full of all kinds of mysteries. These unique buildings and landscapes were repeatedly shot in very movies. This is one of the popular tourist attractions in Jordan.

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