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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Singapore
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Singapore is known as one of the greatest cities in the whole world, with its combination of European and Asian cultures. The Republic of Singapore is one of the wonderful countries in southeast Asia. Lovers of futuristic and urban tourism attractions come here to see the most amazing bay gardens, the marina bay sands hotel, and Sentosa islands. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Singapore.

Top 10 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Singapore10. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

This giant building was built in the 2000a. There are every Singapore tourist dreams to tries to visit this Ferris wheel. The popularity of this Singapore flyer is not surprising. Each of its capsules contains 28 peoples that are will allow you to admire the beauties of the city with a breathtaking height of 165 meters (541 feet). this flyer can also accommodate disabled guests in wheelchairs. this flyer was located in Marina Bay, there is also three floors of cafes, casino, restaurants and many of other services.

9. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

According to the legends after the creations of the buddha, 4 of his teeth have remained. which is taken by his students for storage in different countries. People believed that one of its teeth was brought from Myanmar to the Singapore temple. Followers of the Buddha believed that the relic is currently is in the golden casket. Which is exhibited in the temple of the tooth in Chinatown. This temple was located in the center of Chinatown and there is also a culture and arts of Singaporean Buddhists.

8. Night Safari

Night Safari

Many tourists rush to visit the unique night safari of Singapore after the sunset. Since the days of its opened 1985, it was one of Singapore’s top tourist attractions where more than two million people enjoyed every year. Here are the animals that are predominantly nocturnal. Special “moonlight” lighting allows you to perfectly see all of these inhabitants of the zoo, without disturbing their peace. There is a convenience of the visitors to see the night safari by the sightseeing buses run.

7. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens

At the beginning of the 19th century, there was first botanical garden was created in Singapore. Which later gathered on the territory of all the beauty and diversity to the local nature. Even the thicket tropical of this garden is equipped with pedestrian alleys. The heart of the botanical garden was rightly called the orchid national park located in the territory. This garden contains more than 65,000 spices of the animal and the plants, it was also the home of world-first children’s gardens.

6. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the BayIn the south of Singapore, there is an amazing tropical park known as “Gardens by the bay”. The three structures of these gardens were specially built for various purposes. Some of These tree examples were rare species of the vines curl while some other were used to collect the rainwater. which is between the trees that are passages with a spectacular view. In these gardens, there are also two greenhouses of “cloud forest” and “flower Dome”.

5. Raffles Hotel

Raffles hotel

The Raffles Hotel, was a graceful colonial style, is the face of Singapore. This hotel located in the center of Singapore. This Luxury historic hotel was opened in 1887. This Royal hotel contains luxurious rooms and 15 restaurants, luxury boats, bars, and casinos that’s makes this hotel a top popular tourist destination in Singapore. The Raffles Hotel was named after the founder of Singapore that’s is also includes a tropical garden, a Victorian museum, and a furnished courtyard.

4. Orchard Road

Orchard RoadIt was a center of entertainment and trade, as well known as the significant tourist attraction in Singapore is Orchard road. In local entertainment centers and skyscrapers, there are huge numbers of upmarket restaurants, cafes, coffee chains, hotels, nightclubs, shopping malls, boutiques, and shops for every budget and taste. The orchard road district was is considered to be one of the most respected in the whole of the country.

3. Clarke Quay

Clarke QuayIn the mid 20th century, Singapore’s past still places today. The mornings and nights of Clarke Quay are replaced by the clubs and bars. Which is greatly contributed to the popularity of Clarke quay among the popular Singaporean tourist destination. The wide sidewalks of the promenade are fully air-conditioned. So while in the hottest summer evening all of these sidewalks are blows cool. It was best for a lover of water excursions, there are regularly river buses depart from the Clarke Quay.

2. Sentosa islands

Sentosa islandsSentosa islands are one of the most popular tourist resorts in the whole of Singapore. There is comfortable hotels, beautiful restaurants, clean beaches, cafes and much other entertainment centers that will guarantee their guests an unforgettable vacation of their life. There are also an aquarium, a large amusement park, and a fort Siloso that is accessible to visitors. 

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay SandsMarina Bay Sands was located In the central region of the country and one of Singapore’s most famous tourist attractions. This luxury resort will cost around $5.8 Billion to construct to make it one of the world’s most expensive buildings on the earth. This hotel was open at the end of 2019. There are more than two thousand rooms provided by the guest with an amazing 56 story building. The Marina Bay Sands also several luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, one of the largest convention centers in Asia, art and science museums, casinos, theaters, and many other entertainment centers. Therefore it is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore.

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