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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Tourist Attractions in Sweden
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This Nordic country of Sweden was rich in breathtaking scenery and cultural destination. Sweden is not flashy and does not scream about its beauty. In its splendor, everyone can see himself as soon as sees with his own eyes. The Scandinavian beauty is surrounded by rocks and mountains. That’s built this amazing city which is retained the balance of his nature. Sweden is rich with its architectural monuments. Their castle is not complete without Scandinavian power and endurance with complemented elegant European trends. They look massive and beautiful. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Sweden.

Tourist Attractions in Sweden

10. Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park was located in the Lapland region of Nothern Sweden. This park was is 210 kilometers from the Arctic circle. In the winter of this park, you can see the world’s most beautiful auroras in whole world. The area of these national parks was 79 km², you can also participate here in ski competitions. This park will attract tourists all year to enjoy the lake’s shores, canyons, rocks, mountains and nature here is harsh but it was amazing.

9. Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum

This museum was an exhibit in vasa’s ship. There is a ship that is 105 years older than the united states. This is a royal ship of Sweden, It sinks before he finished its first voyage. Tourists who visit this museum gets acquainted with the life of sailors with a ship and their history. Incidentally, this ship was decorated with gold with the guns on board were it bronze.

8. Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle

This Castle was built in the mid of the 13th century to protect it against pirates. This castle was signed by the Kalmar union. This castle was rebuilt more than one time, the role of this castle was very important in the life of Sweden that has very changed. In the 19th century, this castle was destroyed. Today this castle was a museum that is perfectly preserved to the features of the northern renaissance. Despite its castle was massive and impressive appearance. Kalmar Castle was luxuriously decorated inside the castle.

7. Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park

The area of this park was almost two thousand kilometers. The park was unbridled nature and all of its beauty was wild. Throughout the park, there is one royal route was laid. Every tourist was advised to do this route another route was their own risk. It was a place for travelers who is not afraid of the challenges of nature. As a reward, they will be able to enjoy the beauty of plenty.

6. Oresund Bridge

Oresund BridgeOresund Bridge is one of the most important bridges in Europe. It was a tunnel bridge that connects two countries Denmark and Sweden. It was one of the busiest border crossings in Europe. This bridge was at least 8 kilometers long. The rail board and road pass at an altitude of 58 meters. But the entrance of Denmark on this bridge went under the water. So there is a tunnel that will runs underwater. That’s is done so, therefore, it was not interfering with aircraft and ships.

5. Liseberg Park

Liseberg Park

Liseberg Park is an amusement park located in Gothenburg. This park was also included in the list of the world’s top 10 best amusement parks. In this park, there is a modern attraction hotel for guests, forest parks, a hotel for cottages, cafes, and restaurants. Liseberg Park is periodically updated with the modern or latest types of entertainment. Recently this park has opened one of the tallest free-fall towers in the world. Enough in the rides and park for the littles ones.

4. Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

This palace was built in the 16th century by the Swedish king for his wife. These are some of the first residences in Sweden which does use for any defensive functions. After the huge fire this palace was rebuilt again to the example of Versailles, then he will acquire it a magnificent theater. Nowadays the royal family of Sweden was lives here in the castle. Every tourist is free to walk in any room and park. The boasts of the castle were beautiful and rich with its interiors, an ancient organ with a huge library.

3. Skansen Museum

Skansen Museum

In Stockholm, there is no other place more colorful than the Skansen. This museum was a living embodiment of Swedish history and culture that is you will touch in with your hand easily. In the territory of Skansen, there is a house in national style, a glassblower workshop, a forge, and a bakery. There are only 151 houses is in the estates from the 18th to 20th centuries. In this museum also a visitor zoo where all of the animals are living in their natural condition. There are more than three million people are visit this museum every year.

2. Visby


Visby is one of the largest islands in Sweden. it is also the center and main port of Scotland. It was also considered to be one of the best-preserved ancient cities in northern Europe. Visby is now under the protection of UNESCO. The history of the city is developed rapidly and almost independently of Sweden. There are walled castles, Christian churches, and old houses of the 13th century, which is called Sankta Maria Kyrka. The city has excellent infrastructure for the development of tourism.

1. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan was one of the old town parts of Stockholm. This small town has several tourist attractions on its streets. The Stortorget square area is the heart of this city. There is a royal palace, a Nobel museum and also the narrowest street in Sweden. in addition to these, there is a famous building an old town that has several “secret” tourist attractions. Among them, there is a cannonball in the all wall of this house and a boy statue that’s is looking from the moon. Therefore it is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Sweden.

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