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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Malta

Tourist Attractions in Malta
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This small island was a nation in the mediterranean sea. Whose name was translated from the “harbor” or “refuge”. That’s really become a refuge for several tourists. The modest size of malta is not at all of his drawbacks. On contrary, there is very convenient. When you literally go around this whole country in only one day or after spending a whole week to get to know all of its main advantages. Malta’s pleasant climate will allow all tourists to relax here in the whole year-round. Although of course, you won’t be able to sunbathe and swim in the water. Here is an overview of the top 10 Tourist Attractions in Malta

What you can see in Malta?

Tourist Attractions in Malta

However here you developed the infrastructure that is including entertainment of an abundance of here historical sites. The highest level of the service here makes staying in Malta unforgettable and comfortable at any time in the whole year. What was definitely worth doing when you arriving here in malta? Of course here can walk along the embankments of Sliema and Valletta, go to one of its neighboring islands, also visit his historical center of Mdina, take a yacht or boat, taste the famous dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and visit a night club. The crime rater here in Malta is an unfamiliar phenomenon, It was very quiet and safe. So tourists here are not threatened with scammers, robbers, and hooligans.

If you wanna see all the most beautiful places in Malta. We should advise you to rent a car to travel in a comfortable public transport and also runs regularly. The best Maltese souvenirs here local items that are made of clay, copper, ceramic and glass. There are a lot of shops that are offering a beautiful craft. By the way, the so-called “tourist language” is well developed in malta. There are several centers for studying English and a lot of other languages. So here you can see one of the most beautiful countries on the planet at the same time to learning a little.

10. Għar Dalam Cave

Tourist Attractions in Malta

First of all, this cave will attract historians and archaeologists. There are still numerous bones of prehistoric animal were found here, as well as traces of the presence of ancient people, who lived there for more than 7.5 thousand years ago. Tourists here are only allowed on the first levels. So as not to be damage valuable exhibits. There is also a museum at Għar Dalam Cave.

9. St Paul’s Cathedral, Mdina

Tourist Attractions in Malta

This catholic cathedral was in size of perhaps, grandeur. That is can’t be compared to any other more famous, and yet it was one of the main temples of the ancient city of Mdina. Which is preserving its frescoes and remarkable works of art that is created several centuries ago. In St. Paul’s cathedral of the medina you can not only pray but also admire several objects of decoration.

8. Fort St. Angelo

Tourist Attractions in Malta

This is really impregnable fortress that was guarding malta back in the 11th century. The fort was powerful, rude, brutal but in its own way are very attractive. Fort St. Angelo is perfectly preserved and attracts millions of tourists every year from the whole world. It was built so many centuries ago, This fort during the world war II withstood so many direct attacks again the fulfilling its main function.

7. Blue Grotto

Tourist Attractions in Malta

Like the cote d’Azur, the blue grotto was a rock formation that was created by the waves of the sea for many years. It was closed, majestic and very romantic. Going down to the blue grotto taking a boat ride on its waters are possible only in fine weather, otherwise, It was very danger of breaking into the harsh rocks.

6. Spinola Bay

Tourist Attractions in Malta

It is a pearl of the central part of Malta. It is one of the most beautiful corners of this island. There are a huge number of ducks here that are used to be feed from the hands of tourists. Spinola Bay is also famous for being an excellent yacht parking place. So you can visit here just to admire the snow-white beauties and the sea view here was just wonderful.

5. Mgarr

Tourist Attractions in Malta

This relatively small village was located in the northwest of Malta. It was famous for his farms and vineyards, tourists here are attracted not only by the delicious local products, pastoral rural landscapes and also of two prehistoric sights. The megalithic temple Skroba and complex. There is a complex of a Neolithic era with several archaeological finds.

4. Golden Bay

Tourist Attractions in Malta

There are very few bebble beaches in malta. In general, the beaches of this island country can’t be compared with a vast expanse, For example, the Dominican republic. However, all the beaches in Malta are very beautiful each of them has its own way and that is usually located in the city which is nearby. Golden Bay beach is one of the malta’s most beautiful charming, well equipped and sandy beaches.

3. Hagar Qim and Mnajdra

Tourist Attractions in Malta

Of course, this majestic structure cannot boast such subtlety and grace of decoration as medieval or modern. But there is something unimaginably powerful and majestic in their gross forms. Probably it was a raid of millennia and centuries that gives a megalithic temple complex. Hagar Qim and Mnajdra which is pretty well preserved by such a unique look.

2. Mdina

Tourist Attractions in Malta

Nowadays Mdina was turned into a real city of a museum, which managed to maintain its medieval appearance. Once Mdina was capital of Malta and former greatness is clearly visible on its embankments, streets, and squares. There is something to see in Mdina. Which is worthy only the gloomy and famous museum of torture as well as the cathedral.

1. Azure Window

Tourist Attractions in Malta

Azure Window is one of Malta’s most frequently photographed attractions place located on the island of Gozo. This massive rock arch was created by sea waves and looks very beautiful and majestic. You can admire the cote d’Azur and nearby swimming between the support of the arch on a boat. Experienced swimmers can cross this azure window by a swim. Therefore Azure Window is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Malta.

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